If you live in Calhoun County and need help with spay/neuter surgery for your pets, here are some options:

You may purchase low-cost spay/neuter certificates by calling the AL Spay/Neuter Clinic  at 205-956-0012 and telling them you were referred by SAVE:

Certificate Cost:  Male Cat:  $25    Female Cat  $35    Male Dog  $35    Female Dog  $40

Rabies shots are available for $16

If you need additional financial help with spay/neuter surgery for your pets, please contact SAVE by email at:


If you are not a resident of Calhoun County, there are still many low-cost options for getting spay/neuter surgery for your pets.  Information is available on the AL Spay/Neuter Clinic web site:  under Programs or call the Clinic at 205-956-0012.


Although it may not be easy to come up with the money to get your pet fixed, remember – it is a one-time cost.

Once the pet is fixed, you are finished forever – no more kittens, no more puppies – it is “one and done” for you and for the pet.